When the grass really is greener...

The fear of change is the fear of pain. In the run-off business the fear of changing out older and sometimes obsolete legacy systems comes from the fear of how long the process will take, fear of how hard it will be, and the fear of how much the process will cost. 

Data migration from an antiquated system is difficult. Because it is difficult, often those antiquated systems continue to run long after what would normally be a business mandated expiration date. These fears are often built on experience. Chances are that the last IT project your company undertook came in overtime and over budget and did not result in buy-in from the rest of the organization.

The p1 Service line was built with these fears in mind.

Time: in a world where the majority of implementations take a year or multiple years to complete, p1 offers an average integration period of just 90 days.

Ease-of-use: p1 knows that in order for people to be excited about using a new product platform, it needs to be significantly more user-friendly than the incumbent system. p1 has a single platform rather than multiple legacy systems built in a confederated manner. This simple fact allows for easier use due to the simplified user interface.  Furthermore, regardless of the portion of the platform being used, the interface remains familiar.

Cost: building a replacement for legacy systems can be extraordinarily expensive. The business needs of the company need to be met and specialized coding and information needs to be developed. p1 , on the other hand, has been developed over many years to meet most any business' need. Development dollars have already been spent and the software can be utilized for a fraction of the development cost. This is a key can be key in dealing with costs related to M&A