Here are the 5 questions and 2 sets of materials we need to better understand what the scope of your the implementation process will be.


Submit the answers to your implementation questions *
Submit the answers to your implementation questions

The 5 Questions:

  1. What is the platform of the current system? Mainframe, a Mini Computer, stand alone PC or a Server
  2. What type of operating system is it running? Windows, Linux
  3. What database is it using? Oracle, MSSQL
  4. Do you have a data dictionary? (All fields listed and defined)
  5. Do you have record layouts or copy books?


The 2 sets of Materials:

  1. Print screen of the current system of each module
  2. List of all of critical reports that you run regularly

p1 is the ultimate solution for companies thaT are:

Needing to modernize legacy systems.

Burning significant man-hours maintaining legacy systems.

Operating off of multiple systems.

Spending a fortune building or licensing software solutions.

If any of the above apply to your company, reach out today!

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