Connecting companies to their data

p1 stands for the Power of One. One system to manage all of your insurance data management needs. p1 is a powerful software platform that can empower the individual to liberate the data.

Start by understanding the business

HMR group's founding partners have been solving complex insurance industry data management issues for decades. What makes them effective at this type of problem solving is their ability to marry day-to-day operational needs to adaptable IT platforms. This is possible because they have always focused on operational needs before anything else. The p1 service line has maintained this focus on operational needs by creating a single platform solution to simplify the user experience.     

Tear down the IT empire

Good business people know, that not spending money can have the same net effect as earning more. Nowhere is this more true than in the insurance runoff business. The entire industry comes down to maintaining as much principle as possible while effectively managing claims. However, insurance industry IT departments often run in direct opposition to the goal of increasing budgetary cost year over year. The IT empire builds up slowly over time, adding new staff and new hardware to maintain an ever growing patchwork of well intended solutions that will continue to eat up more and more resources over time. By migrating all of your data to a single platform based in the cloud, the IT department can go back to other mission critical endeavors, instead of managing a mountain of data.