p1 p&c for property and casualty runoff

p1 p&c for property and casualty runoff


p1 Pocket: the power of the p1 system in the palm of you hand


Insurance executives need actionable information. Unfortunately for most execs this information can be very difficult to get. In fact it typically means redirecting staff away from work that needs to get done to build these reports by accessing the multiple systems that the information is stored.
The p1 approach of using the power of one system to liberate all of the data you need has been mobilized. 



p1 Pocket Insurance and Reinsurance Features:

THE POWER OF THE ENTIRE P1 PLATFORM in the palm of your hand

Whether you need information from policies, claims, ceded reinsurance, documents, or cash management; it is all available to you on demand. This app changes the game for executives whether looking for the ultimate advantage in commutations or just looking to track traditional reports more easily and/or frequently.

Reports on Demand

Once built to your exact specifications Principal to Principal Reports, Red Flag Reports, Traditional Monthly Reports, and Multi Book Reports can all be accessed on demand wherever you need them. 

Read and read write data Security and Administration Options

You choose the administration level and team access to data.