p1 DocuRead total document solution

p1 DocuRead total document solution

p1 DocuRead the Total Document Solution

Insurance document management has never been easier than with p1DocuRead.

DocuRead allows users to create their own imaging storage and retrieval applications. This is done by an easy to use application setup process.  Applications can be setup in just a few hours. The application setup process allows for up to 10 different searchable indexes.  PDF, TIF, JPG, spreadsheets and word processing documents can easily be imported, indexed, or saved into the system. DocuRead will help your organization become more efficient by storing documents electronically and providing staff member’s simultaneous access.  Just think about the office floor space you will gain by eliminating all those old file cabinets.   


10 independent indexes for simple searchability.

3 indexed datatypes that can be set to be required for indexing

  1. Alpha numeric- with the option of validation from a list.
  2. Date- with the ability to search to and from a certain date.
  3. Drop-down list- as determined and selected by the user.

Stores the original file name

Distinct log Number for additional file reference.


Requires a terminal service access and active directory login.

Various rights under each client to control application modification and index modification as well as batch import and export.

Administrator controlled access to DocuRead indexes.

Administrator driven user access to individual clients.

Documents are stored on a separate imaging server and are segregated by book of business.


Individual scanning and simultaneous indexing.

Batch scanning and batch indexing.

Import and indexing of individual files.

Batch import and loading of external indexes (Files scanned and indexed externally).

Automatic Batch import and indexing from p1.


Review documents from DocuRead by company.

View documents from p1 that are directly linked to policies or contracts.

Print documents.

Export groups of documents or legal requests for information to folders