Simplifying Insurance Data Management

Technology can be expensive and archaic. Migrating legacy systems to the p1 platform, the insurance data management process simplifies connecting companies to their data in a timely and accurate manner.

P1 is an insurance data management process with an enterprise software platform designed specifically for insurance companies managing discontinued insurance and reinsurance business.


Life Insurance Runoff

Property and Casualty Runoff

Total Document Solution

The p1 service line is:


Currently being used by some of the largest insurance companies in the world.



Manage data by reducing redundancy between systems and batch importation to reduce errors.

Cloud Based

Data managed in the cloud so you do not need to maintain additional IT infrastructure.



Highly customizable to meet the individual needs of businesses.


Data is kept continuously secure by maintenance of updated security measures. 



AIM system (Automated Interface Module) allows seamless connectivity to software products already in use. 


Save Time and Money with the P1 Runoff System



Most insurance companies don't think of their data management solutions as ideal, but when pressed they don't want to change because the time it would take to implement something new.

The average implementation for p1 is just 90 DAYS!


The cost of maintaining legacy systems becomes extremely expensive when you add up the man hours needed to enter data into redundant systems and financing an IT empire.

The p1 Service Line typically saves companies 50% to 75%. 

Solutions don't have to cost more to be better


Your IT department may tell you it cannot be done. They might insist you cannot get the result you want without more people with more resources. But p1 sees it like an owner would see it. Fewer people and fewer resources equals more retained premium and more profit.