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What is p1in a nutshell?

p1 is a modern SaaS (Software as a Service) system which is offered on the Cloud, designed to free you to focus on running your business instead of managing your data. The underlying system is written on the Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes the Microsoft SQL Database allowing you to integrate many of your existing platforms. 

How much does the p1 service line cost?

The p1 Service Line cost is contingent on the size on the scope of your data management needs. To give you a good idea of what you will be able to save, visit the p1 Sales Promotions page→  

Will P1 work with my existing systems?

p1 is uniquely extensible. The p1 team has successfully been able to integrate with nearly every major insurance related software solution. We will work with you to determine which of your systems should be retained and used in tandem with p1, and which systems p1 would best replace.

How long does implementation take?

The p1 suite has an average implementation of 90 days. We have a long history of quickly defining customer needs and integrating seamlessly into their daily workflow.

What do you need to know to determine the scope of my implementation?

We simply need the answers to 5 important questions, along with 2 sets of materials which can be found on our Implementation Questions Page

What are the advantages of a data management system with an app?

p1 Pocket allows you to work in real time in a mobile environment. This can be helpful to team members that may need to enter data on the go, but it is critical for executives that need actionable real time information about their books of business to make critical decisions. This is why we give executives access Principal to Principal, Red Flag, and other critical reports  on demand.

What systems HAVE P1 replaced?

p1 has successfully replaced: Manchester, CMS, Rebus, PAS, PMSC, Ingenium, SDS, UniSURe and many others. 

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Where is P1 being used now?

p1 is currently being used by some of the largest reinsurers in the world.  30+ companies are currently using P1 to administer insurance and reinsurance runoff business.

How does the document storage of DocuRead work with my existing policies?

All of your existing documents can be converted and saved within the DocuRead system in an easily retrievable format that will seamlessly connect to your policies.

We do things a little differently than the average insurance company; can p adapt to our specific needs?

Because P1 understands unique business needs, we have the capacity to adapt to nearly any type of scenario or special request.

How can P1 save me money?

p1 saves you money by allowing you to seamlessly replace legacy systems, provides data management hardware, eliminates the need for in-house database development, provides superior data security services, and assists you in ever changing insurance regulatory compliance demands. Interested in seeing how much you can save? View our  current p1 Sales Promotions→  

Our policy base IS relatively small; how can P1 work for us?

One of the beauties of the p1 service line is its ability to provide all of the data management tools you could ever want at a price point that fits with your business.

Our policy base is very large; is P1 scalable?

p1 is currently being used in some of the largest insurance and reinsurance companies in the world.

How big is the company?

The entire premise behind the p1 platform is to build a the best platform we can and automate as many functions as possible so that you can run your data management services at a fraction of the cost of either maintaining legacy systems or replacing with systems such as SAP while giving you all of the functionality and speciality that you need.  Our robust base code allows us to manage data for 30+ with a small staff. We also utilize flexible p1 certified teams in order to scale up on demand during implementations or when more assistance is needed to maintain the system over the long haul.  Or structure and lean approach is what has lead to one of our clients in particular refer to p1 as their "Secret Weapon".  

What is the official Company Name?

The p1 platform is the intellectual property of Holland, Miller, & Read, LLC which does business as HMR Group.


How many years has HMR Group been in business?

HMR Group has been in business since December 2013 to Present, however the base code for the p1 System which is the intellectual property that belongs to HMR Group has been utilized and evolving for the better part of 30 years.