Connecting companies to their data

p1 stands for the Power of One. One system to manage all of your insurance data management needs. p1 is a powerful software platform that can empower the individual to liberate the data.

Start by understanding the business

HMR group's founding partners have been solving complex insurance industry data management issues for decades. What makes them effective at this type of problem solving is their ability to marry day-to-day operational needs to adaptable IT platforms. This is possible because they have always focused on operational needs before anything else. The p1 service line has maintained this focus on operational needs by creating a single platform solution to simplify the user experience.     

Tear down the IT empire

Good business people know, that not spending money can have the same net effect as earning more. Nowhere is this more true than in the insurance runoff business. The entire industry comes down to maintaining as much principle as possible while effectively managing claims. However, insurance industry IT departments often run in direct opposition to the goal of increasing budgetary cost year over year. The IT empire builds up slowly over time, adding new staff and new hardware to maintain an ever growing patchwork of well intended solutions that will continue to eat up more and more resources over time. By migrating all of your data to a single platform based in the cloud, the IT department can go back to other mission critical endeavors, instead of managing a mountain of data.      


The story of p1 begins with our People.

The majority of software solutions in use today started either as a home brewed concoction that the insurance company designed to meet their own needs or a patchwork solution put together by a software company to fill a need for an insurance company. The design that followed either lacked the programing expertise, or the industry knowledge to build a wholistic software platform for the insurance industry.  It is the integration of Ed's deep insurance industry knowledge, Jennifer's client focus, along side Wayne's programing prowess that makes all the difference for the p1 Service Line

In 2013 Ed Holland, Jennifer Miller, and Wayne Read decided to come together and form Holland, Miller and Read LLC. collectively known as HMR Group. This partnership was formed based on nearly 20 years of of understanding the the three of them had developed by working together in different capacities and in a few different companies. 

Together Ed, Jen and Wayne developed the  p1 Service Line ready to automate more of your processes, eliminate redundancies, modernize your system, significantly cut IT staffing and infrastructure costs, while focusing on the needs of their clients. Just like they have always done.  Today HMR Group continues to grow by adding and serving their customers.

Ed Holland COO of HMR Group 

Ed Holland COO of HMR Group 

Wayne Read CEO of HMR Group

Wayne Read CEO of HMR Group

Deep Insurance Industry Knowledge to Gain Efficiency

Early in his career Ed managed a ceded reinsurance process that started out as an eighteen column data sheet that was manually maintained and calculated.  Maintaining this data took an entire team of people two weeks every month to calculate. Over the course of 18 months Ed was able to automate the process to the point that the same task took one third the number of people 2 days instead of 2 weeks. This equated to a reduction of 95.4% of the total man hours. This early victory in efficiency stuck with Ed. The lesson he learned would later be applied as he would go on to personally review over 120 insurance company computer systems. In this effort Ed has been responsible for recovering millions of dollars’ worth of uncollected reinsurance. Ed's ability to find holes in process and formulate solutions has been a significant key to his success. His formula is a simple one but difficult to get correct without deep knowledge of the industry: observe the company’s process and make sure they are in line with the utilization of the computer system; automating and eliminating redundancy whenever possible. 

Programing mentality to make systems work together

Since the beginning of his career Wayne has been replacing expensive legacy systems. He has found the key to a successful conversion is the ability to make things fit together as seamlessly as possible. Starting early on Wayne replaced ancient mainframe systems with the faster and more agile PC and server based systems within the publishing industry. He then moved to the Banking industry where his efforts developing dynamic reporting software began to take hold. However, it was Wayne's first foray into the insurance industry where his ability to take two incompatible systems and make them work together really caught the attention of an entire industry.  Wayne worked on the replacement of approximately 25 Mainframe insurance processing systems by purchasing, modifying and rewriting software systems to make everything fit together in a smooth and effective manner. This allowed his company to cut the need for IT staff by 75% while gaining significant efficiencies. The work received recognition in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Computer World, and others. 

Jennifer Miller cofounder of HMR Group 

Jennifer Miller cofounder of HMR Group 

The Legacy of Care for Our Clients

Educated as an accountant Jennifer spent a good deal of her career working in a financial capacity. Her analytical mind allowed her to successfully create and develop systems, but it was her love of people that allowed her to shine.  Jennifer joined Ed and Wayne at National Underwriters in the Mid Nineties. Jennifer was able to bring an understanding of the needs of people to her work, allowing her to greatly strengthen the efforts of the different teams she was a part of, including projects where she would partner up with Ed and Wayne.  When HMR group was formed it was Jennifer who's unwavering client focus set the standard for the company's culture. 

Jennifer died in 2015 after being struck by an automobile while crossing a street in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

She left a lasting impression on many people in her life, but it is clear that her love of people and care for clients left an indelible mark on the mission and culture of HMR Group and continues to impact the experience of our p1 clients.

In Memory of Jennifer Miller
Whether her own family, friends, or complete strangers, Jennifer was a person you could always count on in a time of need. Jennifer always placed others above and before herself. Over time, Jennifer was literally responsible for providing hundreds of families throughout Florida with dozens of Christmas gifts year after year. She did this by working through various charitable organizations and by soliciting donations from individuals and businesses alike. She would then recruit volunteers to help wrapping and delivering these gifts. As if this was not enough, each year, Jen would then personally adopt several families, completely on her own dime, meeting their holiday wish lists. Jennifer was also involved in providing handmade blankets to the homeless. In addition, Jennifer volunteered at Habitat for humanities. With her expertise in accounting (Masters of Accounting and a C.P.A.) Jennifer helped many friends starting businesses or those needing help with their taxes, never asking or expecting anything in return. As an excellent carpenter, tiler, etc., she help countless families with projects around their homes. I have never met such a selfless and generous person in my entire life as Jennifer. She exemplified the expression “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Most of all she was willing to give her time to others.

Ed and I could never have selected a kinder and finer business partner. Ed and I want to keep Jennifer’s spirit alive in the nature and culture of HMR.

Jennifer Miller will always be the M in HMR.

We were truly blessed to have called Jennifer our partner and friend. We will always love and miss her. I am sure she is giving the Angels in Heaven a run for their money.
— Wayne Read CEO of HMR Group